mark Boedges: Mountain Lake



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Nearly 7 hours of outdoor and studio footage! See every brushstroke and every palette mixture.  Gather indispensable insights from a master who, as a member of the Putney Painters, has himself spent time gathering insights from some of the most gifted contemporary artists around, including Richard Schmid.  Listen to Mark’s comprehensive discussion of his process as he tackles the problems of, and finds solutions to, working, first en plein air, and then in the studio. A library of chapters for easy navigation and quick reference for on-going exploration and learning. 

  • Watch and listen as Mark reveals the secrets of mastering a complex scene on location

  • Achieve a true and lasting work of art by really finishing your plein air painting in the studio

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"Just finished, after 3 days, watching your outstanding video. I must tell you that it is the best instructional art video I've ever seen; hands down!!! I can't wait to watch it again and this time try to emulate some of your techniques and a trick or two from your "bag of tricks". Thank you for such an excellent & outstanding painting as well."

-Gene, St. Petersburg, Florida

A Special Note From Mark Boedges

"This is not just another plein air demonstration. Each of my videos has built upon what I learned from the previous video and I believe this is my most comprehensive instructional video yet!  My goal is to present to you a full course that gives you all of the tools you will need to create your own wonderful and magical masterpieces.  I think this video delivers!"

About Mark Boedges

Mark is well known for creating evocative landscapes that reflect his passion for being outside, for living in Vermont, and for being deeply connected to the land.  Interested in art from a young age, Mark spent long hours painting plein air well before he had acquired any training.  The resulting failures and frustrations, of which there were many, fueled a desire to learn all he could and to seek out the necessary instruction of well-known masters.  A keen observer and a lifelong student of the physical sciences, Mark studied not just the fundamentals of art but the nature of light and color and, in a more philosophical vein (he in fact holds a BA in Philosophy), the very nature of existence itself; and in time he has begun to explore how he can communicate his profound sense of wonder at the universe through his landscapes. 

A member of the highly respected Putney Painters, Mark believes that excellent mentorship, both in person and through instructional media, is absolutely invaluable to the developing artist.


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